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Who is Vanina G. Martínez? Vanina graduated as a physician in natural health and specializes in surgery and complementary and holistic medicine. She was also trained as a Bach Flower Practitioner at The Bach Center (UK) in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She studied the Australian Bush Flower Essences (ABFE) system. While working with these different flower systems she achieved the most success with the ABFE and was subsequently trained as an official teacher for this system. Today she is a Bach Flower Registered Practitioner and ABFE Practitioner and Lecturer. In addition to natural health, Vanina has also followed training courses in aesthetics and wellness. At Vanina Inner Beauty she has a classroom for giving various courses and workshops. Vanina's main goal is to help understanding healthy living, to express love for everything in nature and to use natural products in our daily lives. You can only expect the best in the applied treatment protocols.

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