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LemonGrass Health Massage


110, Piet Heinstraat s-Gravenhage 2518CM

LemonGrass has been open since 2011. Physical therapy practices - chronic pain - pain relief. Medical treatment for pain, stress and relaxation Medical massage using Thai knowledge by guru's, scientific techniques and direct experience of real cases to treat pain and stress in different parts of the body. Our educated and experienced team will help you. Let the pain and stress go away.

Thai mix Oil Massage (Full Body)
Thai mix oil massage: Oil massage is a massage to relax muscles with an important helper. By gently massaging the oil over the body. to relieve fatigue In addition, it provides balance for body, mind and emotions and stimulates the nervous system. It helps to reduce stress and makes the skin smooth, soft and hydrated. Stimulate the body to build immunity to good mental health. Feel free and sleep better because the body is calm and relaxed Stimulate the circulation to be effective allowing the blood to carry oxygen. and nutrients to nourish different parts of the body better
Medical Health Massage (Acupressure ) / Chronic Pain
Medical Thai Massage (Painful Symptoms) and Stress Treatment : Medical Thai massage is outcome-based massage, primarily the application of a specific treatment targeted to the specific problem the patient presents with a diagnosis and is administered after a thorough assessment/evaluation by the medical massage therapist with specific outcomes being the basis for treatment. Our treatment techniques focus on eliminating the root cause of pain, stiffness, numbness, burning, and weakness and will cover all aspects of treatment. Connective tissues, such as muscles, tendons, joints, herniated discs, and nerves with treatment that truly focuses on solving the root cause of the problem, Our treatment results are clearly different. Patients can feel for themselves that they are better, stronger, and able to fully use their bodies again without limitation. The patient presented with a diagnosis. by providing specific results as the basis for treatment , such as having: -Headache -Neck pain / shoulder pain / arm pain / finger lock -Back pain radiating down the leg - Leg numbness, leg weakness -Chronic back pain - hip pain -Hip flexor sciatic nerve -Office syndrome -Pain in the neck, shoulders, shoulder blades, arms, -Arm numbness, arm weakness -Migraine -Knee pain/leg pain -Wrist pain, elbow pain -Ankle ligament inflammation -Sport injuries -Plantar Fasciitis -Achilles Tendinitis
Nada Thaise Massage, Eindhoven | Salonkee

Nada Thaise Massage


3A, Edenstraat Eindhoven 5611JM

Onze salon is gevestigd in Eindhoven centrum. Zowel vrouwen als mannen zijn welkom bij Nada Thaise Massage voor diverse soorten traditionele behandelingen. De massages worden altijd uitgevoerd door een gediplomeerde masseuse. We hebben onze behandelkamer geheel in Thaise stijl ingericht zodat u verzekerd bent van een ontspannende massage waar u heerlijk van zult genieten. + AL ONZE MASSEUSES ZIJN VROUWEN + WIJ VERZORGEN GEEN EROTISCHE MASSAGE !!

Traditionele Thaise Massage ( Strong Massage)
Thaise massage+ olie combinatie ( Combinatie )
Massage & Spa Zwijndrecht, Zwijndrecht | Salonkee

Massage & Spa Zwijndrecht


9, Passage Zwijndrecht 3331CM

Mijn naam is Sirikhwan, ik ben van origine een Thaise maar woon al een aantal jaren in Nederland. Sinds 2015 heb ik een opleiding in Thailand gevolgd en in Nederland verder uitgebreid. In 2019 ben ik mijn eigen massage studio in Pijnacker begonnen, en nu begin ik in Zwijndrecht. Traditionele Thaimassage is de massage die wereldwijd bekend staat om zijn ontspannende en therapeutische werking. Massage & Spa Zwijndrecht is een unieke massagesalon waar kunt je terecht voor een 100% heerlijke Traditionele thaimassage, ontspanningsmassage, en wij zijn gespecialiseerd voor rug nek-schouder en hoofdpijn klachten. Wij hebben ook scrub behandeling, Alleen voor Authentieke Thaise massages. GEEN erotische diensten.

Thai & hotolie massage
Serenity Thai Therapy Wellness & Spa, Roermond | Salonkee

Serenity Thai Therapy Wellness & Spa


70, Neerstraat Roermond 6041KD

At Serenity Thai Therapy we only work with authentic Thai Therapists. We provide you a calm relaxing atmosphere, where you can enjoy the premium treatments with the traditional Thai service & hospitality. Your psychical and spiritual wellbeing is our ultimate goal! We provide a team of experts who are certified professional therapists who are highly experienced. We aim for 5 star-service for an affordable price. Renew your wonder with us at Serenity!

Neck & Shoulders Massage
Focus on Neck & Shoulders and upper back. The Thai Back, Head and Shoulder Massage is a specific therapy focusing on the specific areas rather than the entire body. The massage helps to relieve tension in your muscles, improve circulation and reduce stress. This therapy is especially recommended for you if you work sitting down or at a desk all day. The focus on your back, head and shoulders helps you to relax and assists in the reduction of stress hormones in the muscles which can reduce the occurrence of tension related headaches.
Thai Classic
Traditional Thai Massage with oil and Thai blam ( or can request without oil)
Royal Thai Facial
Royal Thai Thai Face Massage is not only pleasant, but above all useful procedure, the main task of which is to restore the energy of the body. This massage is designed to bring physical comfort, emotional stability and psychological peace.Thai Face Massage is considered to be one of the effective treatments that will not leave anyone indifferent. This is simply a short list of all the effects that you can achieve due to Thai Face Massage. Carrying out such procedures on regular basis you will forget about sleepless nights, chronic fatigue and unhealthy appearance, you will get rid of the symptoms of wrinkles. Face Massage helps to remove scars and tighten the skin.Face Massage in our salon is based on traditional Thai techniques that relax facial muscles, improve muscle tone and enhance the natural metabolism in the body and skin. This massage facilitates the flow of energy and harmony throughout the body, resulting in improved skin texture.
Noppakoaw Therapie Massage, Eindhoven | Salonkee

Noppakoaw Therapie Massage


31, Sint Bonifaciuslaan Eindhoven 5643 NA

Thai yoga massage
VK Hair & Beauty, Amsterdam | Salonkee

VK Hair & Beauty


12, Kinkerstraat -AH Amsterdam 1053 DT

Thai Yoga Massage
The Legend Massage & Wellness, Maasbree | Salonkee

The Legend Massage & Wellness


71, Dorpstraat Maasbree 5993 AM

Deep tissue Nek , schouder en rug massage
Kruidenstempel massage
Thaitraditional Yoga Massage
Thai Traditional Yoga Massage , de term zegt het al , kent zijn oorsprong in het Oosten. De invloeden komen oorspronkelijk uit China , India , Japan en Thailand, waarna de technieken aan de hand van Thaise invloeden zijn doorontwikkeld. Bij Thaise yogamassage worden verschillende helende elementen gecombineerd om het lichaam weer in balans te brengen en de energiedoorstroming te herstellen of te stimuleren. In de oosterse geneeskunst is de combinatie van yoga en massage welhaast vanzelfsprekend.