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Kapsalon Solution


246, Haagdijk Breda 4811TX

In onze salon in Breda bieden wij onze klanten dagelijks top vaktechniek in een vertrouwde sfeer. Wij zijn gespecialiseerd in het knippen van krullen maar ook voor bijpunten tot complete makeovers, ben je bij Kapsalon solution aan het juiste adres. In onze kapsalon hebben wij alle aandacht en tijd voor jou. Heb je een vraag over een behandeling? Of zin in een ander kapsel? Wij geven je graag een persoonlijk advies. Kapsalon solution is al sinds 2011 een begrip in Breda en omgeving.

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Sublima Wellness, Breda | Salonkee

Sublima Wellness


4, Lijndonk Breda 4825 BG

FOUNDER & CEO Adonise De Jong After my studies in aesthetics in Toulouse, I entered the prestigious school of well-being massage in Bordeaux, this to broaden my knowledge and professional skills, I had the privilege of working in a beauty institute and spa in Toulouse, this experience enriched me a lot on the professional level and afterwards I opened my beauty and massage institute in Agen in France and I worked for 13 years. Love leads me to settle permanently in the Netherlands. I had already been coming regularly on vacation to the Netherlands for 8 years. We had decided to leave France and settle permanently in the Netherlands. I started my professional life in Tilburg in a beauty institute, this experience was very enriching, the opportunity to discover other products, I learned other techniques and working methods and above all I learned a few words in Dutch, a year later. I was able to set up a workspace where I receive my customers in a friendly, welcoming and relaxing setting. It is a pleasure for me to fully exercise my profession which is also my passion. I work with oils: olive and argan also with shea and coconut butters. For face care and body care I work with the Kalahari brand, a cosmetic brand developed in South Africa.

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